Orchard Kids Ltd

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Contact Details
  Orchard Kids
8th Mile,Royal Road
T: 261 7880
Orchard Kids
Les Plaines de L’Hermitage,
M: 708 5410

Contact with Parents

  Parental Involvement
The school is firmly committed to the family-approach – the family being one of its main partners. 
Orchard Kids:
  • invites
  • listens
  • talks
  • shares
  • involves parents in the interest of every learner
We are in close partnership with our parents on a permanent basis. We welcome any suggestions in favour of the individual learner as we practice an open door policy. Orchard Kids sets a clear goal of building long term relationships with all parents.
We see to it that every learner grows and develops as a valuable resource of his/her present future families.
We solicit parents to follow their children in close collaboration with Orchard Kids.  To both of us, we believe the child remains the central figure.
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