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Contact Details
  Orchard Kids
8th Mile,Royal Road
T: 261 7880
Orchard Kids
Les Plaines de L’Hermitage,
M: 708 5410


  We offer a balanced and well-rounded curriculum and meet the objectives of the National Curriculum for the target group. More elaborate, our implementation is more global for it intends to offer a world class education and to prepare kids today for the future world. In line with our spirit of innovation, we have heavily invested in extra-curricular activities such as Swimming, Road Safety, Physical Education, The Arts and ICT.

Our target with the Pre-Primary pupils is to develop their intellectual, emotional intelligence, psychomotor, oral expression, sense of autonomy and of aesthetics for laying the foundations for literacy, numeracy and human values through play, songs, rhythm and rhymes and enriched activities.

We prepare them to get ready to step ahead from Pre-Primary to the Primary Section to climb up armed with physical, mental, communicative, creative, understanding, problem-solving skills – the ladders leading to different standards from One to Six to attain goals of high expectations cherished by teachers and parents.  At Orchard Kids, we are committed to help children become strong, confident and independent learners.



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