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Contact Details
  Orchard Kids
8th Mile,Royal Road
T: 261 7880
Orchard Kids
Les Plaines de L’Hermitage,
M: 708 5410


  Morning Greeting
Every morning special people welcome every single learner individually. The warm and heartily welcome appeals positively on our young learners to spend and share a whole day in his/her own development.
Orchard Kids, an oasis, offers a loving family setting environment which motivates cordiality – a vital element in growth and development monitoring.

  • Spacious building
  • Light airy classrooms
  • Neat and clean kitchen
  • Large dining hall
  • Safe and accessible playground
As we prioritise a ‘sound mind in a sound body’ and as we believe in ‘you are what you eat’, we have at heart what every child consumes. In this connection, we offer the following meals:
  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon goûter
The nutritious, healthy meals offered commonly under close supervision is also a fertile moment to reinforce learning. It is a pleasure to witness the positive gradual transformation at mealtimes – rich table manners!
Menus vary daily and altered on a termwise basis. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are available.

A door to door service is available in the catchment area to help children travel to and from school safely and easily.

Medical Assistance

We provide a monthly medical follow-up. All pupils are under a personalized medical care service headed by the school doctor.  Our service also includes a biannually dental care for all pupils by the school dentist.

Orchard Kids has a clear vision to create an ICT-enriched learner. We integrate the creative use of ICT to empower both learning and teaching skills that foster lifelong learning opportunities.  We undertake specific sofwares to enhance theme-based classroom activities.  Our role is to turn all our pupils into confident and happy learners.

Library Services
We are committed to enrich the learning experience. Our library is fully equipped with high quality resources and other educational items to support curriculum-based work and leisure reading. We encourage our young learners to develop a love for books and widen their reading horizons. Orchard Kids makes reading a delight!

Learning outside the classroom
At Orchard Kids, learning does not only happen indoor.  We strongly believe that children ‘learn it by living it’. Our hard working team creates more opportunities for our children to have exciting and valuable outside classroom learning experiences contributing towards an overall learning development. The exploratory educational tours enable our pupils to observe, investigate and learn more about our surroundings and what our country has to offer.
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