Orchard Kids Ltd

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Contact Details
  Orchard Kids
8th Mile,Royal Road
T: 261 7880
Orchard Kids
Les Plaines de L’Hermitage,
M: 708 5410

Our Vision

  To become a leading pre-primary and primary school, a quality reference for its innovative teaching and learning – a centre of excellence for education  
  Our Mission  
  To create a successful and carefully resourced environment that encourage children to develop a lively enquiring mind and disciplined life, become confident learners and problem solvers in this cutting-edge world.  
  Our Values  
  • believe firmly in the potential of your children – our students
  • committed in exploring their worth in your company
  • promote the sense of belonging
  • embrace a high standard of academic achievements
  • enhance team spirit by encouraging participation in community service as part and parcel of school life
  • value tolerance in a multi-cultural society by acclimatizing learners to fundamental issues like peace, justice and freedom – vital qualities of universality
  • take care of all-round development of every learner:
    • physical
    • intellectual
    • social
    • emotional
    • ‘Orchard Kids’ must lead a balanced, active, healthy and productive lifetime.
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