Orchard Kids Ltd

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Contact Details
  Orchard Kids
8th Mile,Royal Road
T: 261 7880
Orchard Kids
Les Plaines de L’Hermitage,
M: 708 5410


  Our staff is our major strength and the main reason for our success. They are committed, competent and highly qualified facilitators at the heart of our educational system.

We adopt a child-centered approach rather than ‘chalk and talk’ method to enlighten and empower our young learners. Our passionate teachers endeavour to ‘reach and teach’ every learner with a primary focus upon individual’s needs and potential.  Possessing an extreme dedication our teachers provide relevant information and advice tailored to the requirements of the parents as well as the pupils. Orchard Kids teachers sharpen their skills on a continuous basis to enhance the children's learning in our care.

Our team of caring professionals makes every effort to ensure a very loving, healthy and nurturing environment for all our learners.
Our strongly engaged staff:
  • Fully qualified
  • Fine-tuned experience
  • Proven
  • Mature
  • Motivated
  • Creative
  • Friendly
  • Sharing
  • Very approachable
  • Organized
  • Regular
  • Guiding
  • Enriched
  • Value-based
  • Human-oriented
  • Multi-cultural
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